'The Farm' Dulca Scenes Inc.
Promoting the education and acceptance of safe consensual alternative lifestyles
Dulca Scenes, Inc. Annual Membership
Support Dulca Scenes, Inc. a 501- C3 (tax deductible) organization, by joining, membership is only $25.00
a year.

The Value of becoming a member (benefit(s) of membership):

Being a member helps Dulca Scenes, Inc. by;
When applying for grant(s), larger membership increases the likelihood of receiving a grant(s).

Enlarges the pool of intelligent and dedicated potential volunteers, presenters, and possible Board members.

Makes financial planning less difficult.

Having a larger base of experience, skill, wisdom, and insight into our lifestyle.

Annual membership is only $25.00  per person, due the end of each December.  
  Let us know you want to be a member in person or via e-mail at info@dulca-scenes.org 
We take cash, checks , and MO (Money Orders)

    We do not use PayPal or credit / debit cards.

  Want more information?      e-mail :    info@dulca-scenes.org

Discounts for educational:  events, classes, seminars and other activities.
Be eligible for scholarships to offset part of the cost to attend valuable educational workshops.
Discounts for overnight stays at ‘The Farm’, the oldest continuously operating Alternative Lifestyle - BDSM space in Kentucky.
Membership gives you the opportunity to have a voice in this region’s Alternative Lifestyle - BDSM community, plus have a personal role in it’s development.