Doña is my scene name and nickname, yes they are the same. I was born in the '40's in Vermont I practiced self bondage many years ago, but the most fun was tying up my friends and they kept coming back!

I've called England, Spain and many states in the US 'home'. Robin, (LR Lady Robin) and I met in 1980. Meeting Robin / LR kinky! If we could think of it we did 'it'.

I have a serious 'Nun Fetish', and it's a Latex Order
Teaching is my passion

I am sadistic, and love every minute of it. love whips, it comes from years of training horses for a living. Having a whip in my hands is as normal to me as carrying a cell phone in this younger generation. Human PonyPlay is my forte, the training of the human ponies and their trainers.

I have presented at Beat Me in St. Louis, MO., Thunder In the Mountains, Denver, CO and DomCon Atlanta. My favorite is teaching PonyPlay to Ponies, trainers, owners, and grooms at 'The Farm' in south central KY where I have lived 35 years with Robin. We had 'a vision' We started Dulca Scenes, Inc. a non profit tax exempt educational organization.

'The Farm' Dulca Scenes, Inc.
Promoting the education and acceptance of safe consensual alternative lifestyles
Lady Robin
Robin's background (bio) is as complex-varied as are the number of years (70+) she's been alive.

One could summarize her history by describing her as a 'do for' - 'gofer' so to say she has been 'service oriented' would be a very accurate summary - description. She was on of the first VISTA volunteers (US equivalent of the Peace Corps). She's worked as an EMT, firefighter, police officer, owned - operated an electronic product service center, helped organize - renovate a Nashville, TN community dungeon, assisted a Louisville fetish/kinky organization, and is a founding member of Dulca Scenes, Inc. an IRS approved 501-C3 tax exempt organization.

She has more fetish-kinky interests than most people even know of/about. Robin has presented - taught on a variety of local (KY-OH-TN) events, and national events including Thunder in the Mountains, Dom Con LA (& Atlanta), Beat Me in St. Louis, etc.

Her desire to give-pay back is only exceeded by her love for - interest in ENJOYING SAFE Erotic E-stim / electro play and several other kinky activities.

Board Members
My scene name is Rhondorbot. I have always enjoyed reading and watching BDSM, but I did not get into the lifestyle until I met my husband in 2010. I was born and raised in Northern (way northern) New York. Spent my high school years in North Carolina, came to Kentucky to go to college and never left! Through the years we have been working on growing the local community so people in the area have the opportunity to socialize, network, and learn. We have many BDSM interests, but we most enjoy medical play.