'The Farm' Dulca Scenes, Inc.
Promoting the education and acceptance of safe consensual alternative lifestyles
Code of Ethics
In the early 80's Doña and Robin purchased property on South Central Kentucky which over time got the nickname of 'The Farm'.  As time passed and Doña and Robin became more involved with Alternative Lifestyle(s) and finding that the nearest groups and activities were in Louisville, Lexington, Ky. and Nashville, TN. In the early 90's realized they had the resources and options others did not have in the city.. 'The Farm' has indoor and outdoor space with country privacy.  Also options of affordable food and sleeping space.  It became possible to invite presenters from all corners of the country for affordable educational event.

In 2002 we Incorporated 'The Farm' into Dulca Scenes, Inc. and it became an approved 501-C3 (tax exempt) organization to host and teach classes, seminars, and social networking to farther the understanding and acceptance which will, dispel ignorance and misunderstanding by consenting adults in a SAFE place to learn and aplly  what is taught . at events, semminars and 'hands on' experiances.

Dulca Scenes, Inc. can and does offer scholarships to deserving individuals who other wise could not attend. Please ask for details.

Dulca Scenes operates and is funded on donations from registration, donations, Gtrants, and the Annual FarnCon

Auction, all the auctioned items sales go toward funding the on going running of Dulca Scenes Inc.

Questions: E-Mail  info@dulca-sceans.org
All interactions are between consenting adults.  Always respect others space  and practice tolerance and acceptance regarding others alternative lifestyles.  When in doubt ask.

'The Farm'
participants practice S S C activities.

Relax and learn along with other  like minded participants.

No smoking or vaping in any of the buildings on the property.

No drugs (unless they are prescribed  by your doctor and you have proof of that Rx) allowed.

No alcoholic beverages  or firearms.

No picture taking by any cameras, cell phone,  or other devices capable of recording.

No Means

The physical address is not provided.  GPS is unreliable, however, our turn by turn directions, which will bee-mailed to you.

          Questions: E-Mail  info@dulca-sceans.org